COTEN is a martial art which may be in general described as aggressive, attacking style, rather brutal than hard. This style is based on close range fight using high speed punches combined with throws and locks. Middle-and long range fight is based on long range kicks and counterattacks after catching opponent's punch or kick.

It's remarkable that the whole style relies on a few fundamental movements which allow the fighter to immediately create necessary techniques "on fly" during the fight.

The CONTEN visiting card is unique powerful elbow work along with unusual types of grabs, leaving the fighters' hands free to continue the fight. The style keeps harmonic relation between punching and throwing techniques, allowing easily transforming them to each other, easily adopting any suitable technique. The final goal of fight is to establish total control over the opponent(s) and the situation.

"...I do not extemporize something new; I optimize already existing and well-known things and propose to get rid of rubbish leaving the rational kernel. This is vital if we look for combat efficiency of martial arts rather than exotic or esoteric games. I do not propose unexplained and unverifiable motional and tactical stereotypes. I do not propose traditional you should do such and such because of tradition approach. But also I do not hard-sell another new-made collection of techniques which are usually invented or compiled by their authors based simply on their own wish and vision. Instead, I am able to explain every detail and ready to show how it works."

Expert of Martial Arts and Grand Master of CONTEN,